Chiropractic Membership Plans:

___ Total health Plan- Unlimited adjustments + 2 massages $249 month (Best deal)

--Therapies included

___ Corrective care plus- 4 adjustments + 1 massage = $199 month ($400 value)

--Therapies included

___ Corrective care - 4 adjustments $149 month ($300 value)

--Therapies included

___ Wellness Plan- 4 adjustments. No therapies $99 month ($225)

*Add a family member onto any plan for only $50 a month

*Children under 12 free with 12-month plan

Therapies: - Intersegmental Mechanical Traction -Therapeutic Exercise -Moist Heat therapy

-Electrical Muscle Stimulation -Massage chair

___12-month Plan. Last month free. Member pricing for all other services in Office.

*1 complimentary massage given with the start of the 12-month membership plan

___6-month plan.

*Plans paid in full will get a 10% discount

Dr. Peter Smith, D.C., was Awarded one of the Americas Best Physicians for Chiropractic. Only awarded to the top physicians in their respective fields.